Can I sell vehicles on this site?

The only vehicles allowed for sale here are ATV's, UTV's, Dirt Bikes, and Boats.

Can we post if we are not from the general area?

This site is meant for buyers & sellers in the local area of the Fraser Valley & Lower Mainland regions of Vancouver, British Columbia. We ask that if you are going to post here, that you also be able to meet the buyer somewhere on the Mainland.

Can I post here as a commercial business?

Of course! We welcome anyone and everyone in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland area to sell their wares. We ask that as a commercial entity you keep your posts limited to items on sale price, rather than posting anything and everything.

How do I begin selling here?

Go to our forum and register, there you will find general threads for the type of item you are selling. From there you will be able to begin your own subthread in that category to sell your item. From there, others will be able to comment in your subthread with any questions or by contacting you directly.