Rules for posting on our forum:

  1. All for sale posts must include actual images of the item for sale, no stock photos will be allowed as it does not properly allow a potential buyer to assess whether or not they are completely interested.
  2. All posts must include pertinent information regarding the item, such as model, make, caliber, items included (their specs as well), and mention of any defects with the item.
  3. This is a community based website, any and all excessive use of profanity, use of slurs, or threads started for the purposes of "calling someone out" will result in removal from our forums, and from our Facebook group.
  4. Please keep all items posted on our page strictly related to the activities of: Hunting, Fishing, or Camping. All items that do not follow this will be removed from the forum.
  5. Please be sure to know the local regulations regarding items you are buying/selling, it is your job to be in the know. Ex: Do not sell prohibited items.
  6. If you are found to be making deals with patrons of this forum, and then selling an item out from under them, you will be removed from both our forum and Facebook Group.
  7. All unnecessary subthreads started with topics irrelevant to buying/selling of items will be removed, you will receive 1 warning prior to being removed.
  8. Be courteous, this isn't comedy hour... Too often on other forums I see people bashing those asking a simple question to gain some knowledge. Provide them with the answers they are looking for, not beratement for things they don't know.